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Want to show off your best photos? With PhotoWear™, you can easily display any of your favorite nine photos right from your Android Wear watch!

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Build an album of clocks

Build multiple albums of nine photos and easily send them to your watch. Create different albums for different occasions or moods, and quickly switch between them. Personalize your albums with an endless variety of photos and always have the perfect album ready to suit your mood.

Customize clocks* to suit each photo

PhotoWear’s variety of clock styles, fonts, colors, and other display features can be individually customized for each photo in your album, letting you make the watch face look great with any photo. With options ranging from sleek to playful and modern to traditional, you can mix and match styles to create a truly unique and personalized watch face.

*Some customizations require a subscription to PhotoWear PLUS
Animation showing multiple albums in PhotoWear

Multiple albums

Use your phone to create and save albums and activate them on your watch.

More clock options

Subscribers get 5 more clock styles to chooose from, with the ability to save customized clocks as reusable presets.

Animation showing different clock styles in PhotoWear

Cloud backup

Sign in to enable cloud backup of your albums.

Why join PhotoWear PLUS?

For less than the price of a cup of coffee each month, PhotoWear PLUS members can create multiple albums, back up to the cloud, choose from multiple clock styles, and more.




Monthly membership

Clock customization, including fonts, date, complications, 24-hour mode, and more

Included with PhotoWear free
Included with PhotoWear Plus

Create album with 9 photos and a cover

Included with PhotoWear free
Included with PhotoWear Plus

Customize clock for each photo and album cover

Included with PhotoWear free
Included with PhotoWear Plus

Digital clock style

Included with PhotoWear free
Included with PhotoWear Plus

Save and reuse custom clocks as presets

Included with PhotoWear Plus

Save multiple albums

Included with PhotoWear Plus

Back up albums to the cloud

Included with PhotoWear Plus

+5 customizable clocks: Hands, Central, Stacked, Modern, and Minimal

Included with PhotoWear Plus

Access pre-designed clock presets

Included with PhotoWear Plus
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