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How PhotoWear Enables Personal Connections

We created PhotoWear Classic to enable personal connection and help us keep close the memories of those we love.

Personal connection is more important than ever these days, and we created PhotoWear Classic a few years ago to keep close the memories of those we love. As PhotoWear Classic became more popular, we started to receive all kinds of feedback from our users. Customer feedback has shown us how PhotoWear Classic is enabling people all over the world to make personal connections and cherish their memories.

Keeping up with maintenance required by dynamic app store requirements, evolving third party dependencies, and new feature requests would be difficult without this kind of customer inspiration. The revenue from PhotoWear Classic has been adequate to continue supporting it, but learning about how much our users are enjoying PhotoWear Classic is what really keeps us motivated and committed to ongoing development. Constructive feedback has helped us focus on the improvements mean the most to our users.

Memories shared from our users

We asked users to submit a screenshot of their favorite PhotoWear Classic configuration, and we were completely blown away by how much they rely on PhotoWear Classic to remind them of their most important moments and connections.

This is Uday from New Dehli, India with his 9 month old twins right outside his home.

This is Uday from New Dehli, India with his 9 month old twins right outside his home. "It's very close to the heart since I picked them up together for a perfect picture!"⁠ ⁠What does he love about Photo Wear? "The cool interface!"⁠

Janiece in Florida sent us this picture of her niece and my nephew. “It’s important to me because I do not have children of my own and I get to pour out my love on them.” She loves the customization options of PhotoWear and that she can control almost every aspect of the screen.

Sabine in Portia, Italy submitted this favorite photo of her "silly son and silly dog." This photo always makes her smile, no matter what and she loves that she can change her watch face to suit her mood.

About PhotoWear

The PhotoWear™ Classic watch face allows people to display up to 9 of their favorite photos directly on their smartwatch. It is compatible with most modern Android Wear OS watches, Samsung Tizen smartwatches, the new Samsung Galaxy Watch4, and the mobile companion app requires an Android mobile phone running Android 8 or higher. Download PhotoWear™ for free on Google Play.

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